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My name is ‘Fikayo and I write.

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Fikayo’s Place is a blog meant to catalogue my poetry, feelings, thoughts and opinions on issues going on around me.


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'Fikayo is an exceptional writer... Going into each piece, there's always this inexplicable feeling of excitement and anticipation. He starts off with very attention-grabbing openings and then builds anticipation and curiosity. As far as endings go, He has a knack for creating unexpected, twists at the end. After each read, I find myself wishing I could just live in his brain for a minute. Just to see how he thinks. An absolute mystery. Overall, I think each piece has a personal touch, which makes them more relatable. In conclusion, Fikayo is without a doubt an incredibly creative writer and creator.

Detan Ajala Chairman, Greenhood Global Organisation. Freelance Writer/Editor

The first time I read 'Fikayo's writing (it's weird calling him Fikayo seeing I like his first name better) all I could think of was "Is this guy some sort of a mirror", because everything he writes are so relatable you'd begin to see yourself in the writings. I especially like his writing because they stem from a heart of deep wisdom and curiosity it's almost like you could read the words in his voice. I'm happy for the gift of Fikayo's writing and can't wait for more.

Titilope Olayiwola PR Expert

'Fikayo has always been an amazing friend since I've known him. One I wouldn't trade. His writing skills are phenomenal and this is not just talk. I remember the first time I went on his blog. I read that piece. I remember it was one of the 'And...' series. I read the whole series and every single blog post I could find and I've been stuck ever since. I've read poems of friends and acquaintances with a pessimistic mind because I've been disappointed time without number. But I read his blog and was stuck. The poems talks about everything and anything that affect human beings. I like that they're very relatable, funny and witty.

MojoyinOluwa Samuel Law Student

Don’t you just love art from artists who leave you wondering about the depth of their minds? 'Fikayo has a way with words that makes me feel like I just peered into the soul of a genuine person. He describes his love, pain, friendship, and relationship musings in the most vulnerable and relatable way. Recently, I worked with 'Fikayo on a small writing project. Here, he beautifully described his experience with depression to others struggling with the same and looking for hope. His honesty and encouragement was a blessing for myself and all who got to read it. His pieces take the reader on a journey on which we see the world through his eyes. Every time I go on that journey, I just hope for the day I’ll be able to buy him a cup of coffee and get a more personal feel for his brilliant and beautiful mind.

Ife Babatunde Pharmacist
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