Am I any less Christian?

This question has been bugging me for a while now, and I seem to have gotten not a sense of an answer for any of the questions my head has raised. In the “Christian world” it’s very often said that “we are not of this world”, hence the things of the world should not be our concern.Yeah, I get that… What I do not entirely understand is the need to stifle the creative arts on the basis of it been secular.

I am a poet, writer and a spoken word poet (whenever I get the opportunity to stand on a stage) and I often get the question “why don’t you write more gospel?” or statements like “you really need to write about God and his great works”. The same goes for musicians, whatever isn’t particularly praising God is not right and sometimes are threatened with hell (if you grew up in a Nigerian Church you’d understand this better). The premise for all these is that our lives are solely meant to be “instruments for praising God”.

The question this begs is “why don’t we keep the same energy all round?”. Why is it that the church does not have painters only paint the pictures of Jesus, heaven or any other thing related to it, or ask sculptures to carve only the image of Jesus (or whatever). Why is the definition of instruments for praising God so streamlined? Can I only praise God when my work as a creative is centered on the gift of salvation? Am I any less Christian because I listen to songs that are not gospel music? Am I any less Christian because I don’t plan on quoting any Bible verses in this article? Am I any less Christian if I plan to have Johnny Drille sing “oh my beautiful love” at my wedding (if I eventually have one)? Am I any less Christian to think that we are boxing a whole lot of ideas because we want to stay in line with the concept of our lives being instruments for praising God?

Am I any less Christian?

This world is a beautiful place, one God created and admitted to himself that he was a damn genius for coming up with such beautiful things, would it make sense to say that writing, singing, or dancing (whatever the creative art is) about the world, about the people who live in it about their struggles and their joys, about their hopes and dreams, about their lack and riches, is in a way telling God “well, you created this master piece, hats off man”. If my poetry touches a heart or changes a life, if my article changes the thought process of an individual for the better, has my life not been a blessing? Have I not praised God in my own way?

You think I have answers to these questions…?

Well ????????, Nope!

I’ve only come to a point where I have resolved that I won’t be pressured into doing anything I don’t feel comfortable with or I have not had the call to do.

To each, his vision, his road map to living a fulfilling and happy life.

The norm? Nope, not for me. Normal has never suited me ANYWAY!

Till I write you again remember to love with your heart and only your heart.


Oyekunle ‘Fikayo Oyediran

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