Life. (How Why What)

Purpose. Motivational speakers go on and on about finding purpose. Finding the reason why you’re here, the one reason that would bring you to your place of eternal happiness. However, I have never heard a clear pathway to finding this thing called purpose. How?

Questioning things has always been a very important part of my life. So, I don’t think it should come as any surprise to anyone who knows me that I’ve questioned my own life on way too many occasions than is legally acceptable. Here’s the thing, so many of these questions I have remain unanswered. Some of these questions remain a mystery to me.

So, I have Questions. Do you have some answers?

Some years ago, my friend and I were driving (well, he was driving.) back to his apartment and out of the blue, I asked him, “So, what next?” Mostly that question shouldn’t have been voiced, it basically slipped out of my mind straight into my tongue and lips because in the moment the next thing for us was to go find out who would beat who on video games, but I was overwhelmed with the emotional stress I had been bottling up for a while, so I asked him again, “So, what next?… So, we finish school, what next? Get a job, what next? Make enough money, what next? Get married and have kids? Is that all there is to life?”

Is life a social cycle that one has to fulfil and go round it no matter the circumstance? What then is the need of purpose, the key to eternal happiness, if there is a set list of things society has already laid out for you?

What exactly is life? What is this magnanimous thing called life? Is it a place where we just come to live and die at some point? Why are we here? Are we here to live lives that have already been preset for us like in video games? Do we really have choices or do we have to play with the cards life dealt us with?

I wonder if anyone else feels this way or if this habit of questioning one’s existence is just my thing.

Way too many questions? Is that what I hear you say? Well, I apologise, that how much unanswered questions I have in my head.

Do we always have to follow the processes society has laid out for us in order to find happiness? Too many times I’ve heard things along the lines, “All you need now is a wife to complete you” or “When you people give birth to one child, you’d see how happy and joyful your life would become.” Shouldn’t your happiness stem from the fact that you are doing things you enjoy? Shouldn’t your happiness stem from your own being first before it’s tethered to another person’s? Why would anyone need a man or a woman to complete their lives? Shouldn’t marriage be about choosing to love and not looking for the other figure 2 that would make you 4?

What in the world is life?

Why are we here?

How do we live this life?

Do you have some answers for me?

Oyekunle ‘Fikayo Oyediran

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