Title: I’m Judging You
Author: Luvvie Ajayi
Genre: Self-help

The Do-Better-Manual just as the name implies, implores us to do better in a modern age where social media is the bane of our existence.
Luvvie touches almost every topic… Sex, friendship, fame, social media, homosexuality, religion etc.
Luvvie makes perfect use of comedy to pass her message in the most subtle manner ever (oh well, with a bit of sarcasm… Huh ok maybe a lot of it)
Luvvie’s ability to connect to her reader in this book is excellent, using basic examples to back up her arguments making it a little more difficult for the reader to reject her arguments.
However, as much as the comedy was the backbone of the book, she tailed off halfway through the book, as she became a little bit more repetitive in her points, and reading each line became a little more difficult.
Her stance on some issues would be debated for years to come so we won’t dwell on the hot button issues.
Overall, this is a book for every young person out there who would love to do better.
Reviewed by Oyekunle ‘Fikayo Oyediran

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